Bute-iful: 66km Around Bute

I’ve been eyeing up Bute for a while now and figured it would make an easily accessible last-minute trip when all else looked grim or when time was short. I'd lived in Largs for a while and had incredible views over Bute, Great Cumbrae and Arran from the front room window, but on remembering how … Continue reading Bute-iful: 66km Around Bute

Eco Expeditioning – Part 1

Photo by Rasande Tyskar Unless you've been living under a rock, it's hard to miss the messages about reducing waste and living within our means, and we all know we should be doing more about it. It's one thing to get your recycling bin out on time, however we really should be striving to reduce … Continue reading Eco Expeditioning – Part 1

Circumnavigating Arran – June 2019

I figured Arran would be a good place for a few days paddling. It’s pretty convenient to reach, yet still feels like you’re far away from regular life, so, setting off from North Yorkshire at 03:30, I planned to take the 08:20 ferry from Ardrossan. Leaving the car there meant I could walk the kayak … Continue reading Circumnavigating Arran – June 2019